Planned Giving

A Lifetime of Income. A Legacy of Caring.

A charitable gift annuity is a way to make a lasting contribution to the Museum.  It’s a simple, tax-effective way to donate money. Make a donation of cash or other assets and become eligible to take a tax deduction for your charitable gift.

Your gift annuity will offer these distinct advantages:

  • Fixed payments for life with attractive payout rates, immediate or deferred, for one or two lives.
  • A higher return on your investment when you exchange low-yielding securities for a higher paying gift annuit.
  • Tax-deductible savings with a substantial part of the amount you transfer taken as a charitable deduction varying with the age(s) of the annuitant(s).
  • Capital gains tax reduction when you contribute appreciated securities and bypass part of your “paper profit”.  Any capital gains tax due will be distributed during your lifetime.
  • Tax-free income with a portion of your income excluded from gross income.
  • Reduced estate taxes with the amount used to fund your gift annuity reducing your taxable estate.
  • Lasting gratification that you have made a major gift in support of the Connecticut River Museum and securing its mission for the future.

Donating a Stock Gift

Wire instructions for gift of stock to the Museum should go to:

Fidelity Investments
DTC #0226
CT River Foundation at Steamboat Dock #657-858816

Explore the Opportunities

If you would like more detailed information about gift annuities and how one may be tailored to suit your personal needs and circumstances, please contact:

Phyllis Stillman
Development Manager
Connecticut River Museum
67 Main Street
Essex, CT 06426
860.767.8269 ext. 119

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