Vessels of The Connecticut River

The compilation of vessels built along the Connecticut River was a project completed by Thomas A. Stevens, Maritime Historian (Connecticut River Museum’s library is named in honor of him), who spent years researching the topic. He created a catalog card for each vessel, arranged alphabetically by town. For ease of research, CRM placed them into spreadsheets, following Tom’s organizational format of listing by town and then chronological by date. The spreadsheets include date, name of vessel, builder, and size.  For more detailed information, please contact the Museum Curator for access to the original card catalog.

Town Listings
Click the Town Name for Information

Town of Chatham
Town of Chester
Town of Deep River
Town of East Haddam
Town of East Hartford
Town of East Windsor
Town of Enfield
Town of Essex
Town of Glastonbury
Town of Haddam
Town of Hartford
Town of Middle Haddam
Town of Middletown
Town of Old Lyme
Town of Old Saybrook
Town of Portland
Town of Rocky Hill
Town of Springfield
Town of Wethersfield
Town of Windsor

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