Homeschool Programs

The Connecticut River Museum offers homeschool families opportunities throughout the year. Homeschool groups are welcome to schedule a custom program or register for one of our homeschool series programs.

The Homeschool Program Series is designed for children ages 6 – 12 years old. Parents/guardians may explore the museum or grounds with younger siblings during the program time. All payments must be received in advance. There are no refunds unless a program is canceled. Directions and information will be sent for the off-site programs. All other programs are at the Connecticut River Museum at 67 Main Street in Essex.

All Homeschool Days are 10:00am – 12:00pm at the Connecticut River Museum

Thursday, October 26—Myths & Legends of the Connecticut River

Tis the season for a tall tale! Spend a morning exploring centuries of folklore, legends, and the supernatural mysteries of the Connecticut River Valley. 

Curriculum Connections: This lesson focuses on what makes a good story. We’ll exercise our reading comprehension and writing skills by exploring myths and legends that have been told along the Connecticut River for centuries. We’ll also create a story arc and make our own tall tales to bring home. 

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Thursday, November 16—Sink or Float! The History (and Mystery) of the Bushnell Turtle

The Bushnell Turtle was the first of its kind and has left an impact on how we use submarines today. But who was Bushnell, what was the Turtle supposed to do, and where is it now? Find out the answers to these questions and more while becoming a history mystery detective. 

Curriculum Connections: We’ll explore how the design of a vessel impacts buoyancy. We’ll also learn about mass, displacement, density, and design. Using primary documents, we’ll dive into the American Revolution and discover how local history has laid the foundation for modern-day submarines. 

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Thursday, December 14—Steampower & Train Show 

What makes a steam engine go? Explore steam technology and craft a simple machine based on objects in the Museum. We’ll visit the Annual Train Show, a fully operational 26-foot train layout, for a very special scavenger hunt!

Curriculum Connections: We’ll explore the mechanics behind steam engines and discover how steam power impacted American history and the Industrial Revolution. 

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Thursday, January 18—Frozen!

BRRR! When it gets cold, the Connecticut River freezes, which causes all sorts of challenges, from transportation to day-to-day life and more. Learn how people along the River have adapted and innovated to life during the coldest parts of the year! We’ll even learn about the games they played to pass the time right here in Essex!

Curriculum Connections: Local history will be the focus of this lesson. Rooted in community practices, we’ll comb through primary and secondary sources to learn more about the winter months in waterfront towns. 

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Thursday, February 15—Eagle Watch!

Get out on the River with a ride on RiverQuest. – this two-hour cruise along the lower Connecticut River will offer opportunities to observe birds during the nesting season. Search for nests, young eagles, and other raptors that inhabit our Estuary.

Curriculum Connections: A big day for practicing Naturalist skills! When we’re out on the water, we’ll experience firsthand how to observe and understand the importance of the delicate ecosystems along the Connecticut River. We’ll practice bird identification, nature journaling and discuss the importance of citizen science.

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Thursday, March 14—Women’s History Month

Celebrate Women’s History Month by learning about the women who made their mark on the Connecticut River! Pharmacists, doctors, dressmakers, and architects are just a few of the many professions women had beginning in the 18th century. 

Curriculum Connections: With a focus on local history and women’s history, we’ll focus on the often overlooked impact of women along the River between the 1700s and today. 

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Thursday, April 18—INVADERS! Invasive Species

Our ecosystems are under attack! When non-native plants and animals are introduced to new places, they have the potential to spread unchecked and inflict enormous damage. Learn about some of the invasive species affecting Connecticut today and how we can turn the tide in the fight for our ecosystems.

Curriculum Connections: From a biological perspective, we’ll unpack the vast generational impact humans have on a variety of ecosystems. We will look at 20th-century conservation actions and the governmental policies that have been put in place since the 1970 and how they have impacted the environment today. 

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Wednesday, May 15—Onrust Voyage 

Step aboard and travel in time–all the way back to 1614, when Dutch explorer Adrien Block sailed up the Connecticut River. Learn the ins and outs of historic sailing ships and find your sea legs (or should we say River legs) on the Museum’s replica of the Onrust.

Curriculum Connection: Learners will get hands-on experience with 17th-century Dutch and colonial life aboard the Onrust. We will explore the impact of European exploration on the local tribal nations as well as the environmental impact of settler communities. 

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Program Costs:
$15.00 per session for land-based programs ($10 for Members)
$25.00 per session for boat-based programs ($20 for Members)

Please remember these are drop-off programs for homeschool learners aged 6-12. Refunds will be given if there is 24-hour notice. There may be lesson cancellations due to the weather, to which your payment will be refunded.

Custom programs may be arranged by groups or co-ops and must have at least 10 children participating. The programs may be customized for various age ranges, durations, and topics including a variety of social studies and environmental science. Art programs available upon request. Drop-off programs may be available for children 13 years and above. Boat based programs are $25 per person (adults and all children). Land based programs are $15 per child. Adults and additional children not participating in the program pay standard museum admission rates. There are no refunds unless the museum cancels the program.

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