Oral History Project

It’s the River that connects us.

In honor of the Museum’s 50th Anniversary, we want to hear from you. We launched the new Oral History Project to collect your River stories. What do you love (or hate) about the River? How has it changed? How do you hope it will change in the future? The Connecticut River Museum tells the story of the River. We consider how waterways, like the Connecticut River, create connections over time and across various geographies. We grapple with its impact on culture and the environment. We explore the relationships forged in and along the River. We want to add your voice to our story.  In the video below, folks who helped to found of the Museum share their experiences and memories of the Museum and the River. We invite you to share your stories using the link below.

What do you think?

We want to hear from you. Tell us your story.

By sharing your Connecticut River or Connecticut River Museum story, you will create a living legacy that expands on the historical record and provides invaluable resources for future generations who will seek to better understand the past. For 410 miles, innumerable drops of water make their way from the Canadian boarder to Long Island Sound. Together, these drops of water comprise the powerful Connecticut River, the backbone of New England. Each story that we collect is like a drop of water and together they will help the Museum ensure that full history of the River is recorded.

As the Connecticut River Museum remembers its first 50 years and looks ahead to its next 50, we want to hear from you. Tell us your story! We’re using a platform called TheirStory to help us collect and organize the stories that folks share. It’s easy to use and secure. Click the button below to take you to the TheirStory website to make a recording. TheirStory won’t start recording until you click the record button and if you don’t like how your story turned out, you can always delete it without sharing.

Not sure what to say?

Consider responding to one of the following prompts:

– Why does exploration of River’s history matter?

– How are you a part of the Connecticut River Museum’s story?

– How do you see yourself and the museum in the future as stewards of the River?

– The Connecticut River Museum is a wonderful resource because…

Download more detailed instructions below on how to use the TheirStory website to record your own oral history:

We look forward to hearing your story!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (860) 767 – 8269.

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