CRM Values Statement

Connecticut River Museum
Our Values

Embracing Stewardship

Dedicated to Excellence

  • We follow professional standards of quality and excellence in all our programs, our collections, and exhibitions.
  • We explore topics and stories in an inclusive, diverse, and equitable manner, mindful of their relevance for contemporary issues and with a view to engage with new audiences. 
  • We collaborate with other organizations, groups, and communities that share our values in order to broaden the experience of our audiences.
  • We encourage academic institutions, such as universities and research centers, to use our archives and collections for academic study and research.
  • We strive to maintain our accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums.

Embracing Openness and Innovation

  • Our Museum acts as a community, a “learning campus,” where we engage with our audiences in new and creative ways to create long-lasting relationships.
  • We experiment with content designed to build bridges from the past to the present and into the future, ready to provoke, challenge, educate, and inspire, while demonstrating creativity, ingenuity, and innovation.
  • New technologies and platforms are an integral part of our strategies. These tools serve to enhance visitor experience and to extend our reach, bringing our stories to diverse audiences without geographical or physical limitations, or time constraints.

Dedicated to Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion

  • We endorse staff, board, and volunteer recruitment policies that reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.
  • We foster cultural competence among staff and board.
  • We address financial barriers to facilitate access to our Museum for all.
  • We reach out to diverse communities and encourage access to the Museum for people of all backgrounds.
  • We facilitate access for people with disabilities.
  • Our collections and exhibitions, and our children and adult educational programs reflect a comprehensive understanding of history, adequately reflecting minorities and underrepresented groups in society.

Dedicated to Sustainable Development

  • As a Museum on the Connecticut River, we are an integral part of its environment and embrace our responsibility as stewards of our property, including the riverfront.
  • We contribute to sustainable development on all levels, including through our educational programs and exhibitions. 
  • We protect our historic buildings and collections from the effects of climate change, especially flooding, and storm damage.
  • We join efforts to help fight invasive species and pollution in the River, and support other initiatives designed to preserve and protect the River and its environs for future generations.
  • We strive to minimize the negative environmental impact of our Museum. This incudes the choice of goods for our gift shop, food and beverages for visitors, and the use of technologies we operate on our premises.

Committed to Personal Values

  • As trustees, staff, and volunteers we are united in our commitment to further the mission of our Museum. 
  • We fulfill our respective tasks with integrity, honesty, enthusiasm, and respect for one another.

Being a Good Neighbor

  • We act as a community center.
  • We seek cooperation with local partners, institutions, and businesses on all levels.
  • We highlight local products and artifacts in our gift shop.

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