Kids’ Crafts & Activities

Collect and See River Scavenger Hunt

During the month of September, Collect and See along the Connecticut River. Pick up your Scavenger Hunt bag at our Front Desk. Collect and See all of the items on the list. Return your treasure bag to us anytime during the month of September and receive a special treat! Here is the link to print out our activity. Collect and See Scavenger Hunt

Connect-the-Dot Printables.

Four new connect-the-dot printables for you.
To print, click on the link.

Create Your Own Clouds with this Cool Cloud Science Activity!

They can’t all be sunny days. Now you can learn about 10 different types of clouds. Here is the link to print out our activity.

Long Island Sound in a Bottle

This is a fun activity to create your own “discovery bottle” that looks and acts just like an ocean. Let’s start making waves! Click here to print this activity.

Complete your CRM Bingo card and bring it to the Museum for 5% off in our Museum Shop! (once we are allowed to open again.)

Click here to print:

Connecticut River Museum Activity Sheets

Check out these fun printable activities for kids. We’ve got coloring pages and word searches! All of these kids activities are totally free and easy to print out and do with your kids. Check back for new activities!

Choose from one of the Connecticut River themed sheets. Click on the link and print it out.





Wooden Ship:


Looking for a good game to play over the holiday weekend? Look no further! Play GO FISH, River Museum style!

Spring Bird Feeder Craft

Make your Spring a little more fun with this easy and fun craft. “Hide” eggs around your yard for the birds! Put them in trees, too! They are easy to make and use only 3 ingredients and some plastic, fillable eggs.


1 box unflavored gelatin

10 cups bird seed

Cooking spray

36 Plastic, fillable eggs

1. Prepare the gelatin as directed on the box or package.

2. Mix in the premeasured bird seed. (It is easier to do 1/2 at a time: half the gelatin and half the bird seed.)

3. Open the plastic eggs and lightly coat interior of each half with cooking spray.

4. Pack both halves of each egg with bird seed mixture and close egg to push together.

5. Place all eggs in large glass bowl (to protect gelatin from leaking through seam in eggs).

6. Refrigerate overnight.

7. Open eggs and hide them around your yard. Watch for the birds to find them!

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