Watercraft at Work

Watercraft at Work
March 23 – May 14, 2023

Watercraft at Work showcases over 25 works of art from the Museum’s collections that depict vessels at work on the Connecticut River.

From River-built schooners and sloops that carried stone and coal to ferries that carried people from one side of the River to the other – the exhibit will use paintings, prints, and photographs of working boats to highlight the importance of the River as a hub for commerce and transportation.

When the Connecticut River was truly the Valley’s water highway, a variety of watercraft moved raw materials, manufactured goods, and regional travelers to landings along the River and Long Island Sound and to large ports along the Atlantic Rim. Transportation by water reduced the friction of distance and was therefore efficient and economical.


Image: Untitled-watercolor-by-W.-S.-Clime

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